Patients at Dvorsky Chiropractic expect the best
in treatment and they’re talking about it!

“Dr. Jay loves what he does and it shows! He really listens to you and tells you exactly what is going on with your body. He will not hesitate to refer you to another professional if your problem is beyond the scope of his practice. He’s straightforward and sensitive – no B. S. – and it just makes him so happy to see you walking out of his office feeling better than when you came in.”

- M.K

“As I age, it gets harder to recover from even the slightest injuries. But after a couple of treatments with Dr. Jay, I’m back at it. He knows I’m not going to stop physical training and helps me plan my workout routine to support, not hinder, the healing process. Dr. Jay is completely focused on his work, honest and professional.”

- D.D.

“My 16-year-old son, who Dr. Jay treats for his varied football injuries, urged me to see him about my migraines. I was having them every 3 or 4 days and I was desperate. Forget about those anti-seizure meds my neurologist said I’d have to go on. It’s been 2 full months since Dr. Jay began giving me adjustments, and I haven’t had a migraine – no aura, no vomiting, no excruciating pain.”

- T.R.

“When I came to Dr. Jay’s office 2 years ago, I could barely walk, and now I work out 5 times a week. My weight had gotten “out of control” which added to my problem. Through the nutrition program Dr. Jay put together, I have lost 70 pounds. If I have a headache, he will adjust me, and the headache is gone. Thank you, Dr. Jay, for making me feel better.”

- V.K.

“My son got a concussion playing high school football. I brought him to Dr. Jay as he is my “go to” doctor. Dr. Jay did not treat my son. Instead he referred him to a neurologist specializing in concussions. Dr. Jay also made several phone calls and got my son in an MRI tube the same day. I am so thankful that Dr. Jay got involved and got my son the treatment, he needed. Dr. Jay doesn’t just refer, he follows up with you.”

- J.D.

“I had shoulder problems for over a year, and after one session with Dr. Jay my shoulder felt almost back to normal. He really knows his stuff and discusses everything with you so you know what’s going on.”

- A.A.

“About 20 years ago, I did one cable press or leg pull too many, and horrible pain ensued. The trainer at my gym recommended Dr. Jay, but I was skeptical. Dr. Jay explained his diagnosis and treatment so I could understand it, he made several adjustments and I walked out of there pain free. Over the years, I’ve relied on Dr. Jay to treat other injuries. I leave each visit feeling balanced and strong. And, not only is he a great practitioner, he’s easy and upbeat, with a great sense of humor.”

- D.B.

“I had 2 separate issues when I first saw Dr. Jay, a small broken bone in one foot and an older injury in the other. He has a soft and calming way about him, but he really tackles your painful situation. I thought I was just getting old. Now I’m pain free. If you see Dr. Jay, it’s a slam dunk you’ll feel better.”

- R.S

“My orthopedic surgeon was amazed at the progress I made with Dr. Jay while recovering from a serious motorcycle accident (a 3rd degree separation in the shoulder). Now I go to Dr. Jay whenever I need an adjustment. He’s the best chiropractor in town and the only one who will really educate you while giving you treatment. A+ in my book.”

- J.H.