Dvorsky Chiropractic in Beverly Hills treats the cause of your pain, not just the symptom!

Why Chiropractic?


You need a chiropractor because your spine matters!

Chiropractic is derived from Greek words meaning done by hand. It is grounded in the principle that the body can heal itself when the skeletal system is correctly aligned and the nervous system is functioning properly

How does it work? What is it like?

What is chiropractic adjustment?

A trained chiropractor literally moves your bones from misalignment into proper alignment. This should only be done after a complete exam performed by a licensed professional.

Are chiropractic adjustments safe?

Absolutely. A New Zealand government study has confirmed that chiropractic adjustments are “remarkably safe.” By avoiding drugs (with their side effects) and surgery (that may or may not bring relief), chiropractic care enjoys an excellent track record. 

Will adjustments make my spine too loose?

No. Only the spinal joints that are “locked up” or not moving properly receive adjustments. 

How many adjustments will I need?

The number of adjustments varies with each patient or to the extent of their injuries. Many patients will feel relief after a few adjustments. Successful, savvy athletes and personal trainers come for regular adjustments (once, twice or several times a year) just to keep in top form. 

Why might a child or an infant need adjustment?

There is no age that would disqualify a person for chiropractic care. There is skill, art, and intuition (developed through training and experience) that determines the assertiveness of the intervention. Even in the case of a stressful birth (such as a breech), when misalignment can be demonstrated, a delicate adjustment can take pressure off a nerve root to ensure proper function. 

Can I adjust myself?

No. patients are not able to adjust joints that are not moving properly. They may get some movement around the joint, and it feels good because of the release of endorphins, but this is not a chiropractic adjustment.

What does an adjustment feel like?

An adjustment feels like bones and joints being re-positioned, and there is generally little to no discomfort felt. It can be noisy – make a popping sound. It requires a little trust and relaxation on the part of the patients, which is why understanding the process is so important. 

Can patients with osteoporosis get chiropractic care?

Absolutely. Osteoporosis is a deficiency or calcium in the bone. As long as the doctor is aware of the patient’s condition there is no reason why an adjustment can’t be made. 

Can I have chiropractic care after back surgery?

Yes. Indeed, with care to avoid the surgically modified areas of your spine, chiropractic treatment is sure to enhance your recovery.